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( hair wash, consultation, haircut and neck shave from your requested barber, styled and finished with your recommended product, neck shave)

4500,-Ft / 12 €
Haircut for Kids

( up to 8 years of age) (shampoo, consultation with the barber, style and finish with a your chosen product)

3500,-Ft / 10€
Hair Colouring, Grey Hair coverage


3000,-Ft / 8.5 €
One Length Clipper Cut, Beard Trim

( shampoo, precision clipper cut for one length only, beard trim with razor blades or clippers, neck shave, style and finish with the recommended product)

6000,-Ft / 17 €
Creative Haircut

( extreme haircut, hair tattooing involving longer working time)

6000,-Ft / 17 €
Barber Treatment

( the real classic barber experience with haircut and traditional hot towel shave)

8000,-Ft / 22 €
Hot Towel Shave

( a hot towel shave in the old school way with cut throat razor, with recommended products by your barber)

4500,-Ft / 12 €
Beard Blade/Clipper Trim

( beard trim cut using with razor, clippers and scissor)

3500,-Ft / 10 €
Beard Colouring


2500,-Ft / 7 €
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